Live a happy and fulfilling life by applying effective principles to act on what matters to you most. 



Fiona's professional and personal experiences have emphasised how happiness has a direct impact on our wellbeing. Disease and stress occur when we are misaligned with who we want to be and what we want to have in life. As an enthusiast for health and happiness, Fiona coaches people to become in tune with what inspires them, because success in life begins with defining what "success" is. Fiona guides people on how to live with purpose and to see what truly makes them happy. A fundamental component of coaching focuses on how our self beliefs affect our ability to succeed in achieving goals and what to do about it.



Fiona Lam is the founder of '7-Steps to Overcome Fear and Win at Life', a program inspired by her own experience and designed to coach teenagers on how to cultivate self-confidence to rise above their insecurities, emotional instability and body image issues. The program is based on proven results and provides a step by step approach to increase skills in decision-making that allows teenagers to feel in control of their lives. Fiona teaches key self-belief concepts to achieve anything teenagers aspire to. A transformative program with the goal to guide teenagers on how to have direction, take action and succeed in life.


You may need a coach if you want to

  • Gain self confidence and transform your self belief to see your full potential.
  • Dissolve self-doubt to have the happiness you deserve.
  • Break down barriers that keep you feeling stuck you to move forward.
  • Eliminate uncertainty with clarity in goals and taking steps to towards them.
  • Learn how to make your life happen instead of allowing life to happen to you.
  • Expand your self-awareness to have insight to what you want in life.
Open your mind and envision a life you would love.

Open your mind and envision a life you would love.