Fiona Lam

About Fiona lam

My path to health and happiness began at an early age. Growing up, I found myself always trying to relate to what people might be feeling and I was commonly the first person others would confide in. I discovered it was because of my natural ability to help people feel better.

As a child, I suffered from ongoing respiratory illnesses and from the adverse effects of conventional medicine without long-term resolutions. This was the catalyst for my interest in alternative health and my aspiration in making a difference to people’s lives. Naturopathy became an obvious career choice at the age of 16, but becoming a naturopath was only the beginning of exploring a new perspective on life.

My fascination for wellness led me to research deeper into the mind-body connection with Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). I trained to become a certified NET practitioner once I experienced the impact it had on my clients and myself. Over time, the combination of professional and personal experiences along with self-development courses have provided key concepts to Coach others on how to succeed in health, money and relationships. 

Having struggled with self-confidence and motivation through my adolescence into early adulthood, I founded Wander Base - A platform designed to teach these life skills to teenage girls over a 7-week program. 

It requires a certain mindset and ongoing commitment in my health and happiness to overcome life’s obstacles and live a life of authenticity. The freedom I have gained from the transformation drives me to empower others to thrive in health, wealth and self, because I believe everyone deserves to live a purposeful life that they love!


To your health & happiness,

Fiona Lam